IPTVGEAR is the best IPTV service provider 2022.


IPTVGEAR is the best IPTV service provider 2022. This is not a claim made lightly, as this company provides over 20,000 channels to watch at your discretion! USA IPTV reviews also call IPTVGEAR one of the most reliable services in the industry. They are quite possibly the cheapest IPTV service out there, with yearly subscription fee 80$. This IPTV service offers a 24-hour trial version of their full packages for free, but they also have a monthly subscription for only $15, which should be far better than most, if not all monthly TV subscriptions, making it one of the best IPTV services out there. This provider has a number of features that users find intriguing and useful.

Why Choose IPTVGEAR???

  • Powerful Services and No Freezing.
  • Supports All Kind Of Device
  • Comparability: Latest, Fastest web serve available.
  • Technical Support 24/7.
  • Commitment of Trust. No extra renewal price.
  • Full of Features. Zapping speed which is 0.03sec only.
  • 12000+ HD & SD Live Channels.

Website:- https://iptvgear.com

So that I’m suggesting you to take a trial at least from (IPTVGEAR) to check their service first.


IPTVGEAR is a highly supported IPTV subscription service because they offer the cheapest packages offering unlimited access to any device on the planet!

They cover almost all countries around the world

Thousands of channels

More than 10000 channels. Our IPTV subscriptions offer you IPTV stations around the world, including all major stations in the United States, the United Kingdom, and around Europe.

Demand video

More than 20000 Vod. Stream full season of everything you need from top TV shows, latest hit movies, children’s shows and in-depth VOD library.

View on any device

Their streaming function on smart TVs, Android, Amazon Fire Stick, Cody, MAG and other devices that support M3U or portals

24/7 support

They provide in-depth tutorials and customer support to make the installation and flow incredibly fast and easy wherever you are in the world.

Best IPTV Subscription Service Provider 2022

  • More than 10000 channels

  • More than 20000 movies and TV shows

  • Free updates

  • HD, SD and FHD channels

  • Premium channels

  • TV Guide (EPG)

  • Support all devices

  • 24/7 support

  • Antifreeze technology

  • 99.9% uptime

  • M3U MAG Enigma2 support

I received an email from IPTVGEAR stating that they are respecting long term members like other former Helix customers. I admit that I was completely skeptical about this for many reasons. But even then a helix sub was good until September and I thought what happened, why didn’t I see. Here’s how it turned out from my point of view.




– The service itself offers the same content as the Helix, but the packages are not single, double and triple helix, they all seem to be triple (so I got everything now and I don’t want to easily delete any bouquet)

– Many good payment providers, most can use credit cards and have other options like crypto which I will use next time I renew.

-Support system is much better than before, it’s not ticket system, it’s live chat. They are helpful, friendly and quickly respect my sub.

There is a 7-day trial

– Great selection of channels. In my house we will see more channels than this.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people aren’t on their channel list but they can understand why they don’t want them there. There must be Canadian channels and they do.


– Working with Cody Addon. Although I like their stand alone app, my wife likes to look at Cody. Waiting for this to happen, happy wife because of some impatience, happy life.

-They have some problems with EPG but I am using another EPG which I sub

-Virus haven’t played much yet, (can’t wait for them to come back) UFC watched, can’t complain about it, was tough

-No VOD but we use Cody for it so not my big concern

-The mother-in-law has noticed a lot in the Thailand category buffer


Are they worth it? It all weighs out I’ll say imo yes. I mentioned some of the issues above, but overall they have a great selection, reliable support and I’m happier with the payment options they have now than ever before. Precise improvement and I like it even better. Your mileage may vary. Plan renewals if they hold stability and support.

You should have a look.